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Founded in 2011 to provide practical business & analytical pro-bono advise to small businesses who don't have access to professionals and state of the art thinking, MIM Analytics has diversified this offering to [Limited] paid for services in data literacy, advanced business analytics, data analysis and intelligence services to Corporates, Academia and Governments.

Our "discernible reality" approach to problem solving, augmented by years of experience in technology, finance, economics & business analysis ensures that we provide the best-in-class strategic and operational consulting & implementation services across the globe with no gimmicks, buzz words or trickery - just straight up execution based on the data and information available to us

We leverage a large network of trusted individuals across the globe, with backgrounds in Central Government, Military Intelligence, National Security, High Tech, Economics & Finance, in order to deliver the solution that is best suited to you, whatever the challenge!

We are still committed to providing our unrivalled expertise free of charge to any Small Business Enterprise, NGO, Educational Institution or Individuals struggling to get access to the right tools to succeed. We believe no institution or individual should be disadvantaged on financial grounds


Analyse. Simplfy. Enable

Operational & Strategic Consulting

Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, Healthcare IT, Government

Business Analysis, Data Science and Project Management

Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, Healthcare IT, Government

Modelling,Forecasting, Business Intelligence & Data Literacy

Economics & Econometrics, Statistics and Machine Learning

Country & Market Intelligence

Anglophone West Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America, Middle East

Educational Consulting

Mentorship*, Career Advice*, Technology Literacy & Modern Pedagogy

*Covers early career guidance and support across all educational levels in our core areas of business        

Discernable Realities Actionable Insights

We know what it's like to struggle; whether trying to navigate a new landscape, market, country, technology or just trying to make sense of it all. We can work with you to figure out the right solution. We have a very simple approach to problem solving

  • 01 Analyse the problem

    Understanding the issue is the first step;we will work with you to define the problem statement. Sometimes talking through the problem with an unbiased audience can help you clarify the issue

  • How do you eat an elephant? In small chunks! We will work with you to break the problem statement into manageable chunks. Sometimes the problem appears in surmountable because it is! break it down into small simple chunks, and you will find a solution

  • Those small chunks of problem can be solutioned into (hopefully) clean outcomes. We can't always promise a complete disentangled solution, but we will partner with you to find the best one for you!

Our Covid19 Hackathon Challenge


A selection of some of the work we have delivered over the last few years

  • All
  • Government
  • SMEs
  • Others

Central Government

Technology Transformation

Small Enterprise

Business Plan Development

Local School

Career Sessions & Student Mentoring


Our core team is made up of experienced professionals with diverse background and subject matter expertise


CEO & Founding Partner

Mouktar is our founding partner and Chief Operating Officer, with over 15 years experience in the high tech,banking and national security sectors, he brings a wealth of knowledge in Business Economics, Finance and Statistical Analysis. He has worked with Major Corporations in different Analytical, Programme Management and Consulting roles with the likes of Dell Corporation, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, British Telecom & a few Sovereign States

Mouktar holds a degree in Communication Systems Engineering, a Postgraduate degree In Financial Systems Engineering & a Postgraduate degree in Business Economics & Finance.


CTO, Distinguished Engineer & Head of Research & Development

Val has 2 decades' experience in high tech environments. Over the course of his career, he has led multiple high performing teams in the areas of large scale software development operational research as well as academic research. Val holds several patents (US patents 8086504, 8170916, 9330071 ) in metatag suggestion algorithms, and has worked with the likes of Amazon, Citigroup & Unicredit

Val holds degrees in Computer Science, Business, Economics & a postgraduate degree in Financial & Software Systems Engineering


Legal & Compliance Advisor

Will is our non executive advisor. Having spent the last 2 decades working within the public sector in the United Kingdom, he serves as our voice of reason and keeps us on the straight and narrow

His primary responsibility is ensuring that whatever we do is above board and inline with the laws of the country we are operating in and unlikely to bring us into disrepute

He holds a dual degree in Law & Russsian, and is fluent in Turkish

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Simply get in touch by dropping us a line: admin "at" mimanalytics.co.uk, a general description of the nature of your problem will help us decide on who best to contact you

    Once we have read your email and understood the general content, someone [usually someone familiar with the problem domain] will contact you to get further context. Depending on your location and the level of detail we are able to get over the phone/email, we may arrange a face to face/video call to talk through further and walk you through our commerical model

  • Price transparency is important to us, and that's why all our initial consultation is FREE. Our charging model post the initial consultation would depend on both the scale and complexity of the ask

    However, before we embark on any further work on your behalf, you will have a clear statement of work with explicit consent and agreement on the scope of the work to be undertaken with the expected deliverables and associated cost. In other words you will have a clear view of cost before hand, and you are UNDER NO OBLIGATION to proceed prior to agreeing on the statement of work

  • For majority of our services, we operate globally and can offer valuable insight and advise. However, as you will appreciate, sometimes we may be limited in our execution ability due to legal limitations, language and cultural fit. We are happy to discuss this in detail with you during our initial conversation.

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    Should you need to get in touch with one of our consultants, kindly use the form on the left or the contact information below , and we will get back to you in earnest.

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